Homeopathic medicines or remedies are substances chosen because they produce the same symptoms as a person’s illness. People who are undergoing homeopathic treatment for the first time will often have a number of questions about wMedicineBottles_zps55d24fcdhat to expect and whether there are any concerns they should be aware of. Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  • What kinds of diseases or conditions can homeopathy cure? Homeopathy is used to treat a broad range of conditions and it can result in a permanent cure for many that have not been so successful with conventional medicine. At the same time, there is never a guarantee that the treatment will produce a cure in any one person. Everyone is different and the results among those with similar conditions can vary.
  • How will my medications be administered? Homeopathy medications are administered orally or through olfaction. The patient may receive multiple medications that are taken randomly and separately but most believe in giving a single remedy at a time. Some homeopathic medications are given as creams or gels that are rubbed onto the skin and, in some cases, injections may be used to administer the medicine in the affected site.
  • Do I need to change any of my daily habits to accommodate my medications? The provider will explain in detail but there will probably need to be a gap in time between taking the medication and eating or drinking. There may also be recommendations on omitting some types of foods from the diet during treatment to prevent tastes from remaining in the mouth that will interfere with treatment.
  • How do I store my medications and how long will they last? Homeopathic medicines can be stored for weeks to years, depending on how airtight the container is. All medicines need to be kept in a cool place that is free of sunlight exposure.

Although some patients do see a slight exacerbation of symptoms before they begin to improve, this is normal and should not cause the patient to panic. It is a good sign that the correct medicine is being used.