Most often, when patients are planning a stay at the hospital, it is to have surgery or other procedure that requires them to be under extended medical care. Preparing ahead for a hospital stay will mean less stress for the patient from the time they check in until after they go home. Following are some guidelines to make the preparation process

  • Ask the Doctor for Information on the treatment and the condition or injury for which it is being used. The more familiar the patient is with their condition, the more they will understand about what to expect.
  • Take a Loved One or Close Friend for Doctor’s Visits and Admission – It’s easy for the patient to forget questions or even overlook instructions by the doctor because of anxiousness over the procedure. Having someone along to take notes will help keep all the information available.
  • Get Pre-Approval from the Health Insurance Company – Coverage differs in what is covered, the maximum amounts paid, and which healthcare providers and/or facilities are acceptable. Find out before making plans and learn what the patient’s total financial obligation will be.
  • Research the Hospitals – Most physicians are affiliated with multiple hospitals and one may be better for accommodating patients in certain areas of treatment. Don’t be afraid to request the hospital that has the highest reviews.
  • Patients with a health care advance directive should make sure the hospital and the treating physician have a copy. Those who don’t may want to find out their options for having one before their treatment.
  • Take Care of Other Obligations – If there are children who will need to be taken to soccer practice, pets that need fed and walked, or plants that will need to be watered, all arrangements should be made before being admitted.
  • Find Out What to Pack – Hospitals differ in the types of items they supply and any specialty items will need to be purchased and brought to the hospital by the patient.

Taking care of the details at home before the procedure will let the patient focus on getting well.